Brief Updates

Insulin prescribing

Prescribing enough insulin

Recently the diabetes service has seen several patients who are not receiving enough insulin to last them for 3 months.

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Goodfellow Gems

Several interesting ‘gems’ have been posted lately by the Goodfellow Unit. These are free to subscribe to, and have recently covered topics such as:

Oral propranolol for…

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Metoprolol Alert

The Health Quality and Safety Commission have recently issued a Medication Alert about metoprolol. This is to highlight the risk of overdose when a dose of…

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Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic consumption in New Zealand has risen rapidly and is high by international standards. This may lead to increasing rates of antimicrobial resistance to common bacterial…

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Boostrix vaccine for pregnant women

Boostrix (Tdap) vaccine remains subsidised for pregnant women
Pregnant women are eligible for subsidised pertussis vaccine from 28 weeks gestation. Immunisation of pregnant women is important because…

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Transdermal patch alert

The Health Quality and Safety Commission recently issued an alert about transdermal patches.

This includes information about how to reduce the risk of patient harm and errors…

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